How Can Retail Service Providers Benefit From Background Music Systems?

Pay Attention To The Details & Set The Atmosphere For Maximum Effect

When it comes to building a brand, if appearance isn’t everything, it certainly does mean a lot. The small details can make all of the difference. This is especially true for retail service providers, since they are not just selling a product, they are selling a level of quality. If somebody walks into a massage parlor and the place looks like it is falling apart, the customer is likely to feel as though the place is not trustworthy, and they might walk right out the door. This is true no matter how skilled the masseuse is at their job.
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A great deal of time is spent by most businesses who want to take themselves seriously on the look of a place. But despite the fact that the word “appearance” is used to describe the impression that a customer has of a business, visuals are not the only thing that have an effect.

It’s Not Just About Getting Them To Buy More

Sound may be one of the most important things to consider in creating a brand identity for a retail service provider. Depending on the type of service, the type of music is an important thing to consider. Relaxing music can help set a tone. If the music is distracting or otherwise irritating, a customer is less likely to come back. The astonishing thing is that they might not even know why. They will just get a feeling about the place. It somehow didn’t feel right to them. These small details have an impact on the way that your business is perceived on a subconscious level. Your customers will experience it simply as a general feeling about your level of service, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the service itself.

There’s Research To Back You Up

As an example, 63% of customers who were interviewed in a seminal study on the topic (Using Background Music to Affect the Behavior of Supermarket Shoppers, Ronald E. Milliman) say that they are more likely to buy services from businesses that play background music. 77% of those surveyed said that they would rather be in an environment that plays music.

Set The Tempo

You can also use music to set the tempo of a place. If you want to make people feel relaxed so that they are more likely to come back to feel the same way again, you can use slow, soothing music. On the other hand, if you want to create a feeling of excitement, you can use fast tempo music. Fast tempo music can actually make people move faster as well. If your service is to provide food in a restaurant, there have been studies showing that fast music will get your customers in and out sooner, increasing sales by 11% or more.

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