Your Success Development – Is Success For Life Possible?

The term, “success for life”, can lead you to think there will be a time when you will have reached success and you will be able to sit back and enjoy it without making any more effort. This is unlikely to happen, because we are on a journey that will never end. We are hard-wired to be forever seeking self-improvement and finding better ways of doing things. That’s why our success development is as it sounds – an ongoing process. If we were not made this way, the world would stagnate and so would we.

Some ways you can work on your success development:

Decide what success for life means to you
Work on that as hard as you can, but don’t neglect the other important parts of your life
Enjoy the successes along the way but use them as springboards to greater self-growth
Avoid complacency by seeing each part of your success development as an ongoing journey – a work in progress
What Does Success Mean To You?

Before you start working towards success for life you need to decide what that means to you. While you may have one ambition in mind now, the problem is getting the balance right so the other important parts of you life do not suffer. It is only after you have spent some time working on your main goal you can realize you have neglected the other parts of your life. You then need to work on those – and so your success development goes on.

Enjoy Success Along The Way

You can enjoy the rewards of your successes along the way. But the reality is you will have to work to maintain that level or you will want to move on to bigger and better things. For example, you could reach a level of financial success that will give you a comfortable lifestyle but you will need to monitor and manage this just to maintain it, otherwise you could lose it or it could diminish. Or you may not be satisfied with the level of success you have achieved in other parts of your life and you will want to work on those.

When Can You Stop?
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Is there a time when you can sit back and decide you have achieved success for life? From time to time you should be able to look back and be proud of the achievements in some parts of your life. This is not the same as feeling self-satisfied or smug. It is more about recognizing a job well done and then using it as a base or platform to grow further. Or, if you are totally satisfied with some areas of your life, you will probably want to work on the others.

It is rather like retirement – so many people are working for the day they can finish work and sit back and relax. It does sound great – having the whole day as your own, to do what you like. But when it happens, many people are not satisfied. If they do nothing, there is a good chance their physical and mental health will deteriorate. That’s why many people do not retire completely but work part-time or develop other interests.

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