Choosing the Best Water Heaters is a Challenge

There is no dearth of water heaters in the market today, making it all the more difficult for you to choose a good one. One such company that manufactures branded water heaters is Lochinvar. This family concern privately owned was started in the year 1919 with the view to enter into the water heater business and even today the company is still owned by the family. Its steady growth through the years is a sign of its prosperity both in business and quality.

Lochinvar distributes all its products through out the United States and Canada and they are also exporting to countries like Australia, Europe, Taiwan, the UK, etc.

The company concentrates on water heating products like consumer and residential boilers, water-heaters, pool and spa heating equipment and indirect water heating systems like tanks for both domestic water and hydronic system tank. From extremely humble initial stages the company has developed into a name to reckon with, innovating and constantly creating new products and know how for heating water.

Lochinvar is said to be one of the leading makers of highly efficient water-heaters, devoted in supplying various goods that aid in safe guarding the environment and propagating green practices through reprocessing work. The company and its entire workforce have made ‘going green’ their motto.

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As you can well imagine with so many brand of water heaters in the market one really has to weigh the pros and cons of the various products to make a good choice. One of the best ways to look for a heater would be to get on to the internet and do some really good research work before you settle on a water heating equipment, taking into consideration all your requirements regarding the type, the size and the reasons for heating water.


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