Charter Flights – Fast & Efficient

There are many great reasons to hire a regional charter flight. In most situations charter flights are quicker and more efficient than their larger jet siblings.

Charter flight vs. commercial air travel

Regional charter flights hold up to seven passengers per aircraft. Charter aircraft companies do not charge per passenger, rather they charge per flight and aircraft. If you were to fly with seven people and compare the cost involved in flying seven people at first class commercial ticket rates, you’ll be surprised to find that in most situations air charter is far cheaper. In addition, time is money; so if you take in consideration all the time spent making your way to a commercial airport in snarled traffic, the time spent in long security lines, and ticket lines, you quickly realize that a lot of time (money) is being wasted.

Charter Flight Availability & Selection

Flights that are booked with most regional charter flight companies do not deal with blackout dates or other similar issues that are typical with commercial airlines. Even during the busy holiday season there are normally aircraft available. Passengers can also choose the type of general aviation aircraft they prefer.

Charter flight companies are available 24/7 and can provide quotes for your regional air charter flight. Your flight can be scheduled and planned even with short notice. When you call to set your schedule you will always speak with a representative who is knowledgeable and able to plan even the smallest details of your trip.

Business & Leisure Travel

Businesses are big fans of private air charter travel. For many executives and companies private air travel fits their need for efficient and fast transportation. While jets do fly at faster speeds, general aircraft planes are able to avoid jet lanes during flights and fly lower making point-to-point flights faster 70% of the time. This is especially true when flying within 250 miles of a destination.

Family and leisure travelers are fans of private air travel, too. Taking an entire family on one aircraft for a vacation or to a family event is not only efficient but can be great fun. Many regional air charter companies offer scenic flights designed for fun and leisure. What a great experience for children to view their community and region from the air.
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Travel Flexibility and Safety

Private regional air charter can make more sense than owning an aircraft, for many reasons. There is no hassle involved with maintenance fees, storage expenses, and crew costs. When you charter an aircraft you pay one fee. In addition, for businesses which need to schedule more than one flight at a time, aircraft ownership doesn’t deliver. With private air charter you’re able to fly where you want, when you want.

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