How To Freelance Your Proficiency And Succeed

What is Freelance?

You can learn how to freelance since this is the best way you can improve your writing skills and at the same time earn money while you work from home. A freelancer works from home on contract basis, he or she is self employed and so the services they give earns them money. A freelancer can choose when to work, where to work and whom to work for.

Freelance writing is all about being an independent writer who does different projects which are from several companies, it also requires one to be committed and serious with the work they do. Aim high and have a target so as to be successful.

Some of the common fields in freelancing are: Website developer, Copy writing, Computer programming, Proof reading, Data entry, Graphic designer and many more.

3 Reasons Why You Can Freelance From Home

1. Time

You can freelance with ease and set your own working time. When you work from home as a freelancer you can work part time or full time. Freelancing also does not put any work strain on you because you choose the kind of assignment you think you can tackle.

2. You Can Work From Home

Freelancing does not necessarily need an office. You can work at the comfort of your home. You only need basic technology that comes along with freelancing. Some of the things you require are a computer with internet connection, business email, word processing software, telephone, data security and the required skills depending on the tasks.

3. You Are Your Own Boss

Working from home as a freelancer, one needs to have top most discipline. You don’t have a supervisor over you, so you have to remind yourself of the deadlines and even keep checking the progress of your work.

How To Begin Freelancing

If you have several skills, focus on at least two of your strongest points that you are skillful with and are frequently sought after services in the industry. Prepare a good resume; remember your portfolio tells much about your capabilities. If need be, you can hire a professional to prepare the resume at a fee. Including examples of work that you have done previously is an added advantage. Evaluating competition in the niche that you choose is vital because this will tell you the market size and the ability to take up new writers.

Where To Find Freelance Assignments

The lists of freelance sites are coming out every day. Most of them are scams. For you to learn how to freelance and succeed, you need to find out the authenticity of the site before engaging one self. Most sites post their requirements of writers on their site. It is advisable to browse through various sites for topics of your skill.

Some examples the freelance sites include, ODesk and Elance.

a. ODesk – Do not be quick to bid for a low price on assignments. Take your time because new jobs are posted everyday. Exercise patience and you will see the benefits when the good paying jobs come along.

b. Elance – This is so far the best site, the assignments are vast and the pay is high.

c. Magazines – Though they do not pay much, they are quit good for a small beginning. You can start writing articles on magazines before your business grows to be an online freelancer.

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