How Well Does Your College Serve Its Students?

Every current and future member of your college community should understand that a college exists to serve its students. Therefore, the Vision, Mission and Value statements of your college or university should reflect that goal and be known to and supported by everyone.

If a college is to continually move closer to the Vision (produce students who will thrive in the outside world), many factors need to be addressed and monitored. They include the following:

1. The College’s Vision, Mission and Value Statements should accurately represent the core values of the college. These statements should then be used to guide all critical decisions and actions associated with the college.

2. College Leaders, Faculty, Staff Members and All Employees should be expected to fully support the college’s Vision, Mission and Values.

3. The College’s Reward Systems should be tied directly to the Vision, Mission and Value Statements. All college leaders, faculty, staff members and employees should be held accountable for their performance and be rewarded and recognized based on their success in achieving and supporting the college’s vision. Performance, Innovation and Changes that move the college closer to its Vision must be consistently recognized and rewarded.

4. Alumni can support their college and the Vision a variety of ways. Not all graduates can contribute financially. However, all alumni can help current students by coaching, mentoring, guiding, tutoring, inspiring and hiring them or helping them find jobs.

5. College Trustees should support the college’s Vision, Mission and Value Statements by making decisions and acting in ways that enable the college to continually move toward the fulfillment of the Vision TOP Engineering Colleges in the US. To do this effectively, they must be visible, active and heard.

6. Performance Assessment Instruments should be used to evaluate how well each person’s performance matches up with their job requirements and the college’s Vision, Mission and Values. Everyone must be held accountable for their efforts to support the Vision.

7. College Leaders should:

a. Demonstrate the Courage, Desire, Capability and Determination to achieve the Vision.

b. Set The Example for others to follow.

c. Immediately deal with employee Behavior That Discourages, Punishes or Prevents other members of the college community from supporting the Vision.

d. Establish, encourage and lead Events and Traditions that support the college’s Vision, Mission and Values.


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