T-shirts – Not Just for Jeans

T-shirts are everywhere these days and they are not really accompanied by a pair of jeans. T shirts could be dressed up or down depending on can be on the t shirt or what colour the rest of your outfit happens to be. T shirts have even been seen on the ‘Red Carpet’ of Hollywood among the development setters.
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T shirts come in many styles and styles and can be worn with almost anything, especially the newly produced colors and pocket-less styles. This used to be t shirts were reserved with regard to jeans and Saturdays. Today you’ll find t shirts with jackets, casual trousers, skirts, sweaters and of course jeans. Everyone from babies to the elderly has on t shirts and they are wearing them because they are comfortable and look good on just about any body.

T shirts can be plain white-colored or a plain color, with or without a front pocket and be with or without a custom decal or embellishment on them. A custom t shirt would include those that are made for a reason or especially for someone, such as a softball team or a company who wear t shirts to work instead of uniforms or normal office clothing. Some custom t shirts have a logo or saying or perhaps a photograph of someone or something to them and that either makes it a customized t shirt or a personalized t shirt. Other t shirts, with embellishments on them, like charms or odd patches, are also custom made and are becoming increasingly popular since the world want to say something with their clothing.

T shirts have always made a statement and today they speak louder than ever. T shirts can have slogans in the sixties and seventies on them, or more recent slogans that call others to action over the planet or politics. There are popular t shirts along with everything from cute and cuddly bears on the front to the atomic bomb and other destructions, each unique in that they are ‘aged’ by making the ‘iron on transfer’ look faded or even pealed. These are called vintage t shirts and are worn by both men and women. Guys mostly were logos such as cereals and sodas while the women had been just about anything on their t shirts.

T shirts for companies can be very popular for those who aren’t’ even members of the company. Teens like to wear t shirts from companies that have different people’s names to them, especially not there own name. T shirts from veterinarian’s offices, dentist offices, police and fire departments are all very popular among teenagers which often pick up the company t shirts from local thrift stores.

T shirt designs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, several have crew necks, which means the particular neck goes all the way around like a cuff and some have a V-shaped neck of the guitar line. Most V-neck t shirts are deprived of pockets in the front because the Sixth is v and the pocket would be distracting and become ‘too much’ on the front of the t shirt.

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