What you ought to Know About Buying Quality Handcrafted Handmade Jewelry

Being a lover of handcrafted jewelry, you are already aware the difference between mass produced and manufactured costume jewelry and individually hand made jewelry made by artisans.

A further distinction exists between fabricated handcrafted jewelry and handcrafted beaded jewelry. Fabricated handcrafted jewelry is made by craftsmen or goldsmiths who almost always have experienced formal training and have received a qualification from an art school or who have apprenticed with a Master. On the other hand, artists who create handcrafted beaded jewellery may or may not have official training. Rather than create the precious metal or silver used in their jewellery, these artisans purchase those components.

In addition to purchasing metals, beaded jewelry artisans must also purchase gemstones, uric acid, glass or other materials. The quality of these materials plus the skills, expertise and creativity of the artisan will ultimately determine the beauty and durability of their jewelry. What’s important for you, the consumer, is to know what you’re buying. For more information about marcasite watch argos stop by the site.
This article will enable you to make informed choices about purchasing handcrafted beaded jewelry.


When buying jewelry you have several options of metal. Most often gold and silver is utilized by fabricated artisans. However , handmade jewelry artisans can and do make use of these same metals. Because gold is the most expensive metal at this point in time, a lot more expensive than platinum, beaded jewellery artists will likely use gold stuffed metal, gold plated or gold vermeil as well as sterling silver, fine silver precious metal or argentium silver in their jewellery. When shopping for beaded handcrafted jewellery, it’s important to learn about each metal.

1 ) The “K” in Karat: We all begin with the karat because the karat is a very old measure of how much precious metal is in an alloy, or gold-blend. A measure of 1 Karat will be 1 part of pure gold plus 23 parts of metal alloy or even 4% gold. So 24K will be 100% pure gold, 9K is 37%, 14K is 58% and 18K is 75%. You get the idea.

2 . Gold filled: To be called “gold filled”, the quantity of gold should be at least 1/20th by weight from the total product. This is commonly known as 14/20, 12/20 or 10/20 or 14K, 12K or 10K gold stuffed. By far, 14k gold filled metallic is the best of the filled golds. Will be certainly 100 times more gold in 14k gold filled metal than in gold plate. Gold filled metal is also called rolled-gold. A dense covering of gold, 5% or even 1/20 of the total weight, is mechanically bonded to a base steel, usually brass or copper. This really is gold filled metal. It’s hard wearing, will not flake or peel and should last as long as 14K gold when properly cared for.

3. Gold plate: When it comes to gold plating, steel or metal is dipped into a bath associated with electroplating solution along with a lump associated with solid gold. When an electric current is definitely applied, a thin layer of gold is deposited on the metal. This process of called electroplating. Since the plating is fairly thin, the plate, and hence the color, will definitely wear off rather quickly. The result is definitely an unattractive flaking and peeling of the very thin layer of gold.

4. Gold Vermeil: Sterling silver is chosen since the base metal of gold vermeil and is plated with layers associated with 18K, 22K or 24K precious metal. The difference between gold filled and gold vermeil is the purity of the gold as well as the thickness of the gold and the base metal. This is why gold vermeil is more expensive than gold filled metal. It’s also why 24K gold is the best choice when choosing vermeil.

5. Sterling Silver: Sterling is a combination of pure silver and some other metallic, usually copper. The resulting blend gives the silver strength. The standard are at least 92. 5% recycled silver. Hence the. 925 stamp the thing is on some sterling silver items. While sterling silver is subject to tarnishing, the greater it’s worn, the better it appears. Of course sterling has to be properly taken care of to look its best, so wearing your silver and taking good care of it will keep a smile on your encounter.

6. Silver Filled: Silver stuffed findings and chains are also open to artisans. Because the price of silver continues to be high, some manufacturers have created a silver filled product at far less cost than sterling silver. Silver filled metal is either 1/20 or 1/10 bonded to a bottom metal, like zinc, steel or even brass. Like gold plated jewelry, silver plate is very inexpensive in comparison to sterling silver. While a 1/20 metallic coating may be preferable to a 1/10 coating, the product is definitely inferior and will not hold up over time.

7. Slope Tribe Silver: Hill Tribe Silver precious metal is made of. 999 pure silver. This is also known as fine silver. Although there are several hill tribe ethnic groups, the particular beads, chains and findings individually handcrafted by the Karen Hill Group artisans are quite remarkable and possibly the best available. Some beading artisans are very fond of Hill Tribe Silver because of the uniqueness and quality of the items. They are made by villagers living in the mountainous forests of northwest Thailand. The largest of the hill tribes, more than 400, 000 tribe members, reside in this region with a history dating back to the 12th century. These amazing artisans continue to make Hill Tribe Silver precious metal with ancient tools just as their ancestors did. There is no substitute for Slope Tribe Silver, and it is expensive.

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